Commercially Operational Waste-to-Energy Facilities

Recycling Waste into Clean Synthetic Gas for Generators

Environmentally Sustainable Alternative to Landfills and Incineration

Reducing Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Producing Clean Renewable Energy

Every 100,000 Tons of Garbage Diverted from Landfill Equals ~ 1.5 Million Tons of GHG Not Going into the Atmosphere.

Every 100,000 Tons of Garbage Processed into Syngas Fuel for Generating Power Produces 7.5 MW of Clean Renewable Power to the Grid.

Our Waste Resources Processing Facilities Increase Recycling of Marketable Materials.

Our Facilities Enable the Closure of Active Landfills, Which Represent ~ 5% of Canada's GHG Emissions.

Landfill Methane GHG Are 25 Times More Harmful than Automotive CO2 Emissions (Environment Canada).

Company Profile

Fourth State Energy (FSE) is an international environmental solutions company with roots in Nova Scotia, Canada. 

FSE develops integrated solid waste management solution programs that have a direct impact on reducing the climate change implications of waste management. FSE works with stakeholders to understand their needs and objectives and then designs a unique, fully integrated program solution. These program solutions include:

  • remediating existing landfills,
  • creating collection programs and addressing infrastructure needs,
  • outlining program container requirements and options,
  • creating a customized front-end processing facility based on waste resources generated, and
  • implementing a customized advanced thermal conversion processing system that turns processed resources into synthetic fuel for energy and/or heat generation, depending on client priorities.

Our innovative technology program solutions for solid waste management enable regions to end active landfill dependency and significantly reduce harmful, climate impacting GHG emissions. FSE is currently working with stakeholders in Canada, the Caribbean, South America, and Asia.

Working hand in hand with stakeholders for an environmentally sustainable solid waste and hazardous waste future.

Our Methodology 

We believe in the importance of understanding the current situation and the strategic objectives of our clients. Therefore, we begin right from the start by talking and listening to clients to get clarity and understand their objectives. 

We then design a series of studies to assess current circumstances and and identify the program requirements needed to achieve your objectives. We complete a comprehensive series of studies that provide detailed information on program infrastructure requirements, accurate CAPEX and OPEX projections, and a project development timeline. This is a critical phase as it demonstrates and proves the sustainability of the proposed program solution and enables the seeking and securing of project funding from international and debt financing venture capital investment based on detailed financial data.

During the studies process, we also confirm siting options (based on strategic logistical requirements) and transportation infrastructure possibilities (based on local collection conditions). This phase also enables FSE to engage with local stakeholders and develop relationships for program and project development. The study results and program proposal are then presented to decision makers for approval.Upon approval, project funding is secured and insured, and a detailed feasibility and engineering design process is completed, including an environmental assessment to ensure a transparent and successful project development plan is in place for final approval and initiation.

Project timelines vary depending on location, logistical pipelines, and construction support, but a baseline start-to-commissioning timeline is roughly 24-30 months for a waste-to-energy processing facility, and 20-24 months for a hazardous waste facility.

Corporate Management


Stephen J. Mader

President & CEO
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FSE is led by Stephen J. Mader, who brings over 30 years of corporate business and marketing experience to his role as President and CEO.

Most recently Stephen owned a consultancy firm through which he advised clients on sales, marketing strategies, and execution in numerous industries, including energy and healthcare. Stephen previously served as Executive Vice President of Worldwide Marketing and Sales of NexEra Medical Inc., a development company focused on high quality medical products designed to safeguard and enhance human life. Prior, he served as a Senior Vice President of Yamanouchi Pharma America, a US-based division of the second leading Japanese pharmaceutical company that is focused on business strategy and preparing markets for new products.

Stephen spent more than 20 years of his career in senior level sales and marketing positions of increasing importance at DuPont Pharmaceuticals, a worldwide pharmaceutical company. Stephen finished his DuPont career as Senior Director Global Virology Franchise.

Gord Helm, CD, MPA, PMP

SVP Technology and Chief Technical Officer

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In 2009, Gord Helm was recruited by the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) to take over their solid waste management program. As Manager, Solid Waste Resources, Gord managed a $40 million annual operating budget overseeing the operations at an active landfill with a front-end processing residual waste facility, two compost plants, a materials recovery facility (MRF), two rural transfer depots and a closed landfill with an active landfill gas extraction energy from waste project producing electricity to the grid.

Gord also managed 13 collection contracts covering all residential and condo source-separated collections services. Additionally, Gord managed a proactive educational program, and enforcement and communication programs.

Gord joined Fourth State Energy in 2014 following his retirement from HRM.

A certified project management professional with over 15 years of project management experience, Gord served for over 20 years in the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN), retiring in 2004. His final position was Queen’s Harbour Master, Halifax. Upon retirement, Gord immediately joined the Halifax Port Authority as the Manager, Port Security and Marine Operations (Harbour Master).

Our Project Partners

McCallum Environmental Ltd. consists of a team of highly experienced biologists and environmental specialists who complete environmental assessments and regulatory permitting for a variety of clients across Canada.

Whether you require environmental assessments, regulatory consultation and permitting, First Nations consultation, or public consultation, we’ll make sure to provide you with excellent service, supply a quality deliverable, and complete your project on time.

Iris Communications is an independent strategic communications, government relations, and public affairs firm based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Our team of senior advisors work with private and public sector organizations who operate at the intersection of business, government, and society. As a trusted partner to our clients, we help them anticipate, plan, and implement strategies to navigate today’s complex environments and achieve their desired results.