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Fourth State Energy can deliver a world without waste. A world where waste is transformed into energy. We are dedicated to bringing this technology to communities around the world. We all need a new normal in how we deal with waste.

garbage to power

We have accepted for too long that more waste is part of living, growth and progress. As populations increase, we create more household garbage, as well as tires and paint, biomedical and hazardous materials, and chemical waste.

With more people, more garbage and less space, we need to think outside our landfills.

Fourth State Energy is part of the solution. We believe in a world without waste. We can do more than just Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: we can Recover. We transform waste into clean, green and sustainable energy.

The CHO Power Process

Waste to Fuel

  1. Separation, Shredding & Storage of Waste

Fuel to Gas

  1. Gasification: Heating organic matter, without allowing combustion, in order to convert it into syngas
  2. Syngas Plasma Polishing in Turboplasma: Heating the syngas up to 1200°C with a plasma torch, to crack and remove tars and complex organic compounds
  3. Heat Recovery: Recovering heat spent in the previous steps to generate steam and cool syngas
  4. Syngas Cleaning: Final cleaning of syngas to remove dust and contaminants

Gas to Electricity

  1. Gas Engines: Combustion of the clean syngas to produce electricity with high efficiency
  2. Steam Turbine: Steam generated in Heat Recovery is used to feed a combined cycle steam turbine and produce power

Our Technology Partner

A Europlasma Group Company, CHO Power manufactures and develops innovative technology to turn waste and biomass into clean, local and continuous energy.

Based in France, CHO Power engineers, builds and operates power plants using waste and biomass feedstock, relying on the well-established principle enhanced by the plasma torch technology.

Introducing Nova Waste Solutions Inc.

Already a recognized world leader in waste management, Nova Scotia, Canada, needs environmentally sound, socially responsible, and fiscally and commercially viable solutions to waste diversion that are innovative yet fully credible and achievable.

Nova Scotia has set ambitious goals and renewable energy targets, and Nova Waste Solutions Inc. is dedicated to making waste to energy conversion the new normal for this province. We're on a journey to think outside the landfill, and together, deliver a world without waste.

Recent News

December 31st, 2014: Fourth State Energy announced today that Gord Helm, the former HRM Solid Waste Resources Manager, is joining the energy-from-waste company as its Chief Technical Officer. Read More →

August 20th, 2014: Tobago could well become the first Caribbean territory without a landfill site. The Tobago House of Assembly and Fourth State Energy today signed a contract to undertake a waste-to-energy pre-feasibility study on the island. Read More →

June 19th, 2014: Fourth State Energy is partnering with a Nova Scotia firm, EastPoint Engineering, to complete a detailed engineering study for the development of an energy-from-waste facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Read More →

April 23rd, 2014: Fourth State Energy, a Nova Scotia based company, has completed its preliminary study and is now moving forward with a detailed engineering study to build an energy-from-waste facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Read More →

October 2nd, 2013: Steve Mader presented at the Maritimes Energy Association’s annual CORE conference regarding Nova Waste Solutions proposed energy-from-waste facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Read More →

In the media: Fourth State Energy is featured in the September 2013 edition of the Canadian Business Journal, "Thinking outside the Landfill".

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